Now that you’ve bought the horse, you’re wondering, who’s going to help you train it?

We are.


Training a horse is about building a lasting relationship for horse and rider. It is a journey through years of building on partnership, trust and affection.

Breeding and training highly esteemed Lusitano horses has been Peter’s focus over the last four decades. He learned much of what he knows from accomplished horsemen throughout Europe. By concentrating on quality in his animals and his staff, Peter has assured that their farms are ideal places to find Lusitanos that are finely bred and finely trained. There, horses are schooled in either classical or upper-level competitive disciplines to create a training regimen that is hard to come by.

If you can’t imagine owning anything less than the perfect horse, we’re glad you found us. Renowned breeders are presenting these exceptional horses for sale, and Lusitano trainer and expert Peter van Borst is available to help you find them.

As an equine consultant, Peter is also skilled in farm management, ranch design, arena construction, horse health, breeding and behavior, and concierge services. Feel free to call or e-mail for more information.